24-Piece Cardboard Puzzle

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The 24-piece from Pragache-surprise, has a size of 165×110 mm and the cardboard is approx. 2 mm thick. The print quality of the puzzle speaks for itself and is sustainable.

In our specially developed Configurator, you can insert your own motifs and write texts in different colors and shapes. You also have the possibility to choose from over 3955 ready-made design elements and create your individual and personal puzzle without extra effort.

There are (almost) no limits to your imagination.


This puzzle is very popular for announcements of a new arrival, a request from the godparent- aunt or uncle, birthday greetings, or name tags in the children’s room.

The request to the godparent-to-be, aunt, or uncle can be designed neutrally, e.g. also before the birth, with the ready-made design elements in the Configurator, or after the birth with the 1st picture of your newborn baby.

Order this puzzle, in the possible cotton or jute-look bags, as a surprise box and let the recipient put your puzzle together.

Here, too, we recommend ordering the combination package of our suspension device in addition. The surprise is guaranteed and is sure to create a joyful atmosphere.

Create your personal puzzle in only 4 steps

  1. Choose your puzzle divider
  2. Determine the material
  3. Define the size
  4. Find your suitable packaging type
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Or simply surprise someone with a voucher

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  2. Enter mailing
  3. Add to shopping cart
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