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Our passion – About us

Everything begins with the one product, the core of our values, of human existence, which also brings us humans closer together.

We humans like to celebrate, that’s obvious. We celebrate anniversaries, as well as other special days like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. But also school leaving certificates, goals achieved in life and other milestones.

It is also the little things that make up life and bring us joy. Isn’t it?

And to be able to share exactly these positive vibes with each other, no matter where the man/woman is and where your trusted family might be, is of enormous importance and should not be concealed.

From good to great

So we also wanted to create something that could come out of something good, something great. In the woman or man, to be able to share your joyful surprises and all the events or good news that have befallen you with your relatives and environment, even time-delayed, with a comparable surprise effect and lasting. How you experience Him yourself or have experienced Him.

If you ask yourself the question, what or which part of life can be emphasised or celebrated even more? Then the answer is clear: “They are all”.

And so our business areas, Pragache-surprise, Pragache-print and Pragache-bijou were born.

Our principles

It is also very important for us to be able to counteract phenomenally, also from an economic perspective. Our products and accessories are manufactured and sourced exclusively in Switzerland in the respective strategic business areas.

Pragache also provides support to charitable organisations, such as maternity aid and women’s and men’s shelters in Switzerland. At the end of the current year, donations are made as a percentage of the turnover generated at precisely defined locations in Switzerland.
By the way: All our donations are published on our website.

In this way we all contribute a little bit to give support to our very valuable and paradisiacal environment.

Your Pragache Team «the future is yours»

Swiss production

Non-profit organisations

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