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Pragache-family “The future is yours”

For the announcement, your expectation, your long-awaited baby, a romantic marriage proposal, birthday greetings or to say, to your most intimate and dearest person in life, that you love her/him.

About Pragache Surprise

One likes to look at a beautiful picture. A fascinating picture, however, is gladly marvelled at. Isn’t it? It is in this spirit that we at Pragache have set out to make something good, something great.

Coming June 2021

The completion of our dreams in one product. With our handmade unique pieces we would like to contribute to the fact that individuality and beauty also find their way to your home.

Coming 2022

Welcome to Pragache-family.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could appreciate the precious moments again in the way they deserve.

We offer you the most exquisite print products to promote your special moments in the way they deserve and to enable you to share them with your loved ones with a lasting surprise effect.

The most touching and beautiful moments in life are the ones we love to share with our loved ones in our surroundings. Isn’t it?

We at Pragache have made it our business to be able to fulfil your most enjoyable and exciting moments in life, on a physical level.

So that you can share your unforgettable events with your relatives and friends, even if they are delayed, with a certain wow and surprise effect.

A clear message to humanity should also be conveyed.
“time is precious” and «the future is yours»

We also support charitable organisations, such as “maternity and child welfare organisations” in Switzerland. All our donations are published on our website.

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